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Higher requirements of Aluminum access floor

In the 1980s, along with the gradual development of reform and opening up, China's economy continues to grow, aluminum floor start to go into people's lives

Static is discharging from human body to computers or other device. (, the so-called ignition) when reaching a certain level, it will give the impression to electric shock

2. The main categories of anti-static floor

Aluminum floor is generally divided into steel anti-static floor / anti-static and anti-static PVC floor tiles
On the base of common tile production process, anti-static porcelain floor / anti-static tiles, on the process of burning, mixed with the anti-static powder to change its physical properties, so its antistatic property is more stable.

These plants make full use of the remaining forest timber to processing into small wood floors, also known as aluminum floor. These floors will not be painted or directly sales. No matter in the technology or quality, its requirement is low. And its installation is very simple, generally using adhesive paste.

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