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The Main Design Point of Anti-static Floor

1. Anti-static access floor of the fire rating should be consistent with "building interior design fire protection norms" requirements.
2. The height of anti-static access floor should be based on the use of requirements.
(1) Only for the alignment: the basic size of 250mm.
(2) For the alignment and air conditioning with the wind: the basic size: 400mm. Floors of the removable plate can be interchangeable, and have high production accuracy, in order to ensure that the floor space used as air-conditioned wind library required sealing.
3. Anti-static aceess floor pavement construction is the final stage of construction and decoration. Should be completed in the indoor ceiling panels, ceiling lamps, vents are also installed,  floors are cleanned up, and then pave access floor (with cotton insulation and trunking of the first laying of cotton insulation and trunking).
4. Anti-static access floor laying in the cement mortar layer has been leveling, in order to reduce the height of the ground approach, directly on the structure of the floor, the structural requirements of the floor flat surface, and spray interface agent, curing concrete surface, the ground Can not afford to sand.
5. The floor surface should be soft, non-skid, wear-resistant, resistant to pollution.
6. After the installation of the floor must be grounded, or not achieve anti-static effect.




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