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The progress and material of Aluminum floor

Aluminum alloy floor with the progress of science and technology, will use floor environmental technologies greatly, so as to improve the production efficiency, but also to speed up the innovation of technology and so on to the floor, the floor most of the attention in the decoration of the quality problem, simple, aluminum alloy floor will make the best treatment, to enhance the market competitiveness, and the most important is the aluminum alloy floor will be used to solve the routing problem of aluminum alloy floor room, save a lot of space, improve the working environment.

1、Aluminum alloy floor progress
    Although the domestic aluminum alloy anti-static flooring market compared with the advanced materials technology in general and the developed countries still have a big gap, but to the market for aluminum alloy floor more and greater business opportunities, aluminum alloy floor, some well-known domestic engaged in anti-static flooring business joint hand to resist external pressure, in order to improve the domestic market, aluminum alloy floor made great efforts, made great efforts
2、 Aluminum alloy floor materials

    Aluminum alloy aspects of flooring materials: selection of high-quality steel of sufficient thickness, stretched vertically by 800 tons presses, steel floor particularly well-off corners formed integrally molded structure, and high-strength cement foam padding, making the floor extremely hard corner, with particularly strong bearing capacity, and effectively transmitted to the support system.
3、 Aluminum alloy floor inventor
    Chinese anti-static flooring industry, "aluminum alloy floor" the name by more and more people mentioned it is reported, the first domestic manufacturing aluminum alloy floor is raised flooring industry famous produced Hebei friends on-line real equipment factory.




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