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Computer static influence on human body

In our lives, especially in winter, the weather is getting dry, static is more and more. Many people do not necessarily know that the computer also has a static. Static is a stationary charge. Then we will introduce some influences on human body.

In the boot state, computer static will do harm to our skin. Static will cause screen adsorbs dust and dirt in the air. When we sit in front of computer, dust will fall on our skin, making it dirty, rough. clogged pores, but also adsorbing moisture the skin surface, so the skin becomes dehydration. Over time, the dry skin will be drier and the oily skin will be oilier. Computer radiation can cause dry skin, and may cause photosensitivity skin diseases, namely small rash or redness on the skin. Try to use an LCD or LED screen computer can reduce static, in order to be healthy, we can reduce time on computer, pay attention to adjust diet. We can also put the plant beside the computer to absorb radiation, reduce static.

In summary, this is steel anti-static floor for everyone to summarize the relevant knowledge about the effects of static electricity on the human body of the computer, hoping to be helpful to everyone. If you have any problem, you can inquire us, we will explain one by one patiently.




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