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About FOBO

FOBO Access Floor is a professional manufaturer of access floors and becomes one of the fastest growing companies through provision of quality services. From factory to customer, we offer comprehensive and meticulous services including research, design, production, sales and installation. All colleagues of FOBO always carry forward the hardworking and enterprising spirit, and have the courage to catch up with the first class enterprise.

We are at the north of Shanghai-Nanjin Expressway.Thus be convenient in transportation. Over these years, by strict quality management, FOBO Access Floor achieved a good commercial reputation in the market.

FOBO products are mainly applied to places like intelligent office building, library, computer room, clean room and data center. Under the standard of ISO9001 management, FOBO carefully selects the best raw material and produces high-quality access floor using precision equipment and advanced production technics. FOBO raised floor system offers clients a space of more intelligency, higher efficiency and lower enengy cost.

Now Fobo Access Floor products are in use in many important projects in China and also are exported to countries and district in more than 60 countries, like USA, Canada, Spain, Qatar, UAE, Vietnam, etc…

In new century, Fobo Access Floor will continuously strive to develop and produce first class products, attract and train first class talents, improve and perfect first class service.



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